I created a retro remake of the old C64 classic “Sensitive” by Oliver Kirwa - with web technologies

The game “Sensitive” from Oliver Kirwa from 1991 was one of my favorite games on the C64 platform. I played it hours over hours, and it looked like this:

C64 original of Sensitive

Some time ago, I stumbled over the Browser game engine “ ”. Beside its very cool name, it seemed very easy to learn and powerful in features, so I gave it a try. The result is a complete retro remake of the original Sensitive game, and looks like this:

Sensitive remake in

You can find the playable game here:


  • All 60 original levels
  • Retro charme
  • play it on modern browsers, even on mobile (Touch support)


  • HTML5 based canvas / WebGL
  • Phaser IO as game framework
  • EcmaScript 2015

All stone assets are created by myself, as is the soundtrack. You can find the Soundtrack in my Music section, too.

Have fun!