Shows the time in a stylish way

“Zyt” is the Swiss German word for “time” - this is exactly what the app does: It shows the time! But not like a normal clock, but as spoken - “09:10” becomes “It’s ten past nine” in a stylish way.

Zyt is an Android and iOS app designed just to show the time in a stylish way, for example as a wall panel. Tap in the display to select your styles - Choose your back- and foreground colors, shadows, fonts, and use your tablet or phone as a stylish wall display!


  • Select your language - “Züri-Düütsch”, “Bern-Düütsch”, Standard German, English (More translations welcome! Just give me a mail!)
  • Style the look of the display - fonts, colors, blur
  • Keep the screen active so that you can use it as wall panel

Use the clock in the browser, too: https://zyt.alexi.ch/

Get the app in the app stores

Embed it into your web page

You can even embed the clock into your web site. An example:

<iframe height="300" src="//zyt.alexi.ch/?bgColor=%23990000&fgActiveColor=%23ff0000&activeShadowColor=rgba(55,255,0,0.8)&disableSettings=1" style="border:none" width="400"></iframe>

will produce:

Check out the github page for all the options


If you are interested in the code, clone me on github !